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Speaking Engagements

Architecting Personalized Experiences
April 29, 2019 Washington, D.C.
Digital Experience Conference

Project Showcase
March 01, 2018 Seattle, WA
Convey UX

Content Personalization: Automating the Performance
April 13, 2017 Boston, MA
Content Marketing Conference (CMC)

Content Strategy for Personalization
October 19, 2016 Minneapolis, MN
MIMA Summit

Website Personalization 101
September 28, 2016 Webinar
CMS Wire

Content Strategy for Personalization
May 20, 2016 Minneapolis MN

Information Architecture for Personalization
May 07, 2016 Atlanta, GA
IA Summit

It’s Getting Personal: The Rise of Hyper-targeted UX
October 09, 2015 Washington, D.C.

Crisis UX: Designing for Emergent Situations
June 25, 2015 San Diego, CA
UXPA International

It’s Getting Personal: The Rise of Hyper-targeted UX
June 23, 2015
UXPA International

The Future of Advertising Panel 
December 03, 2014
Digital Experience Conference

You Don’t Have to Go to Law School: A Career Guide for Liberal Arts Grads in the Digital Age
October 24, 2014
Davidson College Career Seminar

Navigating Your Targeted Content Strategy
June 15, 2014 Webinar
Ad Age Content Strategy Studio

UX at Work: Experience Design Principles for an Agency World
July 17, 2013
VCU Brandcenter Executive Education


“I Make My Own Board Games.” How Being a Weird Kid Helped My UX Skills
February 05, 2018 Seattle, WA

Self-Published (LinkedIn)

Uh-oh. Eleven Signs You May Have Hired a UX Hack
October 30, 2017
Self-Published (LinkedIn)

UX vs. CX vs. XD? Analyzing 17 Years of User Experience Job Titles
October 18, 2017
Self-Published (LinkedIn)

Seven Things Senior UX Designers Know that Junior Designers May Not (Yet)
September 30, 2017

Self-Published (LinkedIn)

Five Things I Look For When Hiring Junior UX Designers (and Five I Don’t)
April 12, 2017

Self-Published (LinkedIn)

Approaching Content Strategy for Personalized Websites
May 19, 2015

A List Apart

The UX Chakra Model: Finding Balance in Your Latest Digital Project
January 22, 2013
UX Booth