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Pleased to meet you. Most people drew pictures when they were kids. I made my own boardgames. I’ve always loved designing complex systems – which is what I do as an information architect and user experience consultant. I’ve worked on UX projects for Fortune 500 clients like Burger King and Bank of America, and have an M.S. from VCU Brandcenter. I love working to solve business problems and believe a smart creative approach can meet virtually any challenge.



User Experience Manager

ICF International  |  June 2010 to Present, Washington, D.C.

  • Award-winning UX designer with 10+ years experience across Fortune 50, government, non-profits
  • Promoted from Junior Associate to Senior Manager at ICF in under four years
  • Extensive experience scoping and leading large, multi-disciplinary UX design projects
  • Cross-industry client roster including UPS, Lowe’s, Ford, AARP, AAA, DOI, NHS
  • Versatile UX skillset across user research, content strategy, and interaction design
  • Proven record of driving revenue through both new business and organic project growth

Experience Design Intern

Crispin Porter + Bogusky  |  May 2009 to Aug 2009, Boulder, CO

  • Reported directly to VP of UX on projects including, B-Cycle startup
  • Helped lauch Open Forum, an online network for small business by American Express
  • Areas of focus included website design, mobile technology, kiosk interfaces

Business Consultant

Accenture, LLP  |  Feb 2005 to May 2008, Charlotte, NC

  • Management and IT consultant to Fortune 50 financial services clients
  • Led experience design for employee career tool in client’s Global Consumer Bank
  • Designed 100 page career intranet website used by over 42,000 employees



UXPA International

It’s Getting Personal: The Rise of Hyper-Targeted User Experiences  |  May 2015, San Diego, CA

The User Experience community faces an all-new challenge in the rise of hyper-personalized web content, which allows sites to serve targeted messages to individual users based on behavioral or demographic data. While the technologies that support targeting grow more powerful by the day, the UX and content strategies behind them are often lacking — or nonexistent. In this talk we’ll cover new tools and techniques to get started in the effort to take back personalized content for Good.

Crisis UX: Designing Experiences for Emergent Situations  |  May 2015, San Diego, CA

As organizations increasingly look to digital as a primary means of communication, users have come to depend on sites and apps for information in both the good times and the bad. Communicating exceptions or problems to your users–whether a service disruption, weather event, cancellation, or anything else out of the ordinary – is now a critical use case for many online experiences.

Gilbane Conference 

Future of Advertising Panel  |  Dec 2014, Boston, MA

Our panel this year will look at a number of topics including the use of ethnography and digital anthropology to craft relationship-building ads, multiple ways to manage cross-platform advertising, and how content strategists can help create user-centric, not marketer-centric experiences.

Ad Age Content Strategy Studio 

A Field Guide to Targeted Content StrategySept 2014, Online Webinar

Don’t Get Lost in the Jungle. A step-by-step field guide to help you navigate your way through the content jungle, providing you the latest tools and techniques directly from the content strategy trenches.

Ambidexterity Executive Education

UX at Work: Experience Design Principles for an Agency World  |  July 2013, Richmond VA

User Experience (UX) has become ubiquitous in web and application design, and many agencies have ramped up experience design teams to bring this expertise in-house. Even if you don’t work with UX on a daily basis, knowing the tools of the trade can provide an important foundation in an ever-changing digital world. Join us as we start building your UX Survival Kit.

Davidson Career Services

Careers for Liberal Arts Grads in the Digital AgeOct 2012, Charlotte NC

Jobs for liberal arts majors can be hard to come by. You may feel pressure to take a “traditional” career path, like becoming a lawyer. But the job landscape has changed quite a bit in the digital era. Colin Eagan gives an overview of jobs in the User Experience field that get you a paycheck AND let you use your creativity.




Pictured L to R: (1) global information redesign. (2) redesign, peak seasons improvement project. (3) Educause association site redesign. (4) responsive redesign.



A List Apart

Approaching Content Strategy for Personalized Websites  |  May, 2015

Experience management systems are making it easier than ever to customize content for your visitors—but are you using your newfound personalizing powers for good (or for creepy)? Colin Eagan shows that personalization can be done, thoughtfully, using the same tools you would apply to any content strategy conundrum: by asking why, being deliberate, and putting users first.

UX Booth

The UX Chakra Model: Finding Balance in Your Digital Project  |  January, 2013

Workflows stuffed-up? Wireframes inflamed? As User Experience designers, it’s our job to juggle lots of inputs, but overindulging any one set of needs can result in a bloated product. If you find yourself flailing just to keep everyone happy, it might be time to rediscover your project’s digital center. Here’s just the model to help.

Fit and Finish

What the Design of Cities Teaches Us About the Design of Sites  |  April, 2011

If a city is a website (or a mobile site or an Android app or iPad app), what can we learn about the users who live there? In city planning terms, this question is one of urban design. And if the information architect is the architect, the art director the interior designer, and the developer the contractor, then the experience designer is the urban designer.


Sixty Magazine

Eating the Semantic Web: A Mouth-Watering Look at the Future of the Internet  |  April, 2010

Over the next five years, the web will be less about individual pages and more about spinning trillions of connections between them. Metadata will allow information from one website to seep seamlessly into another. And the future of marketing will be won by the brands that can exist not just here, but everywhere.



Master of Science

VCU Brandcenter  |  Aug 2008 to May 2010, Richmond, VA

  • Creative Technology Concentration. Digital stratey, UX, IA, analytics, mobile technology
  • Honors Graduate. Cumulative GPA 3.86

Bachelor of Arts

Davidson College  |  Aug 2000 to May 2004, Davidson, NC

  • Managing Editor of “The Davidsonian.” Founded satire paper “The Yowl” (still in print)
  • Graduated cum laude. Cumulative GPA 3.62

International Study Experience

2001 to 2003, Europe, Asia and Africa

  • Six month archeology survey with Davidson classics dept, 2003. Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, Turkey
  • University of Cambridge, British Literature, summer 2002. Cambridge, England
  • Université Touraine, French Language, summer 2001. Tours, France



Son of a Doctor…
Level-headed. Calm under pressure. Diagnostician. Good in a pinch. Inquisitive and logical. CPR Certified.

…and an Artist
Perceiver, not Judger. Naturally curious. Thinks in color. Draws odd connections. Draws odd drawings.



Enjoys donuts.

“Nosce te ipsum”


Half Irish…
Cheery disposition. Unusual dedication to lost causes. Finds humor in most things. General distaste for royalty. Enjoys drinks.

…Half Italian
Renaissance Man. Love of design and aesthetics. Student of the Classics. Weekend philosopher. Enjoys drinks.


It’s important to get the word out on User Experience! In addition to video blogging, I’ve presented at various events on topics from content strategy to advertising and UX to UX careers. I’m a regular contributor to Fit and Finish, the UX blog from ICF Interactive, where our team covers trends and events in UX, Information Architecture and Digital Strategy. In addition to work in front of and behind the camera, I enjoy writing on User Experience topics, and have published articles on UXBoothand others.

Bank of America’s intranet users benefit from a powerful feature set that is specifically tailored for each of them. The redesigned intranet saved more than 10,000 hours for Bank of America associates in its first year of adoption. It has also become the primary source for information and tools that drive productivity and revenue gains.

Jakob Nielsen

Principal, Nielsen Norman Group

Colin is smart. He’s just a smart dude. Hard worker. Good blend of creative and strategic vision. Good guy to grab a beer with. I always knew his professional ceiling was really high, and while I was lucky enough to have him as an intern I’ve always kicked myself for not getting him on board F/T when I had the chance. If you get the chance to bring him on board, you should. – via LinkedIn

Matt Walsh

UX Director, Crispin Porter + Bogusky




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circa 1992, A.D.

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